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1) 24/7/365 combinatorically generating long/short trades from relevant securities, discovering and back testing new trades and strategies 2) Current Relative Valuations between these securities differ from Historical Data and are expected to adjust in the near term 3) Current Relative Valuations between securities differ from their expected Equilibrium Valuations 4) The effects of the Past Events and expected Future Events 5) The effects of the recent changes in Sentiment 6) The effects of the changes in Supply and Demand 7) The effects of the changes in Regulations 8) Cheap/Rich Analysis 9) Trend, Overbought/Oversold and other technical indicators 10) trades that are on max return/min risk fronrier, subject to restrictions, represented by the set of equations and inequalities 11) Best trades for a set of historicly derived or arbitrary chosen scenarios 12) Potentially hedged Bets on Government and Central Banks policies. Including Elections and Central Bank policymakers. Use Sentiment Analysis, ML and AI 13) Bets on the changes in relative valuations induced by technological changes in production processes, such as new sources of energy,substitution of cheaper commodities and geographical sources of labor 14) Strategies derived from scraping information from internet and social media sites. Use Sentiment Analysis, ML and AI, 15) Strategies derived from the effect of athletes and teams performances on sponsors stock market prices. Use Sentiment Analysis, ML and AI 16) Convertible Strategies 17) Seasonality, Year and effect, Reporting seasons window dressing strategies 18) Yield Curve and Swaps Strategies 19) Earnings Events drifting Streategies 20) IR/FX Carry Trades 21) International tensions effects on worlds and domestic markets trades and strategies 22) Crypto and Blockchain connected strategies 23) Changes in laws on local, state and international levels Trades 24) Effects of announced layoffs or hiring on local markets (RE, Retails) 25) EFT related Atbitrage Trades and Strategies

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